What Butler / Jamison Trade Does In An Ideal World


Scal and Giddens really don’t have much swing in this trade. Neither of them have really done to much for the Celtics this year. Scal has become injury prone, and even if he is playing well, cant remain on the floor, and Giddens has gotten most of his playing time in Portland with the Red Claws. So obviously, what we are really talking here is Ray for Butler and Jamison.

First Team: Rajon Rondo / Caron Butler / Paul Pierce / Kevin Garnett / Kendrick Perkins

The Celtics aren’t going to pick up Butler and toss him onthe bench to start Eddie House. Butler would give the Celtics added height at the shooting guard position and that would probably solve some of the C’s rebounding issues. All players with exception to Rondo would be 6 foot 7 inches or taller. Plus we already know Rondo can go in there and get his fair share of boards. Allen’s 16 ppg would be given up to bring in Butlers  17. That is not a huge shift, and we also have to realize he had to score on the team he was on. Therefore, that number would not be carried over onto this team, but it still shows he has the ability.

Without question the entire makeup of the first team would change. Ray Allen would not be out there to spread the floor with his 3 ball (but the floor hasn’t been all that spread yet this year because he is struggling to make them). The Celtics would have to use the great passing they have shown, because their only real threat  from deep on the floor for the starting 5 is Pierce, who we tend to want driving to the basket.

On defense, I think this is a great deal. Who guards who now can depend on the matchups with the teams we are playing. Pierce and Butler could switch off on who they were guarding. If the shooting guard fit as a better defensive role for Pierce (example: Anthony Parker playing the 2 and Lebron the 3 for Cleveland) this could give Pierce a break for a minute in having to play Lebron on trips down the floor. Butler and Pierce are more exchangeable than Ray and Pierce on defense.

Tradeoff: Ray Allen’s 3’s and chemistry with the team for Butlers added height to the starting 5, his ability to score, ability to rebound, and change defensive assignments.

Second Team:  Marquis Daniels / Eddie House / Antawn Jamison / Big Baby / Sheed

Although Jamison has typically been the power forward, I think this option works better than sitting Baby and playing “Who is our back up point guard?”

Now I am hoping this is the way it would work out. Obviously Marquis is not your average every day point guard, but he can certainly fill the role. This could eliminate him having to work in on both positions and simply focus on one. This would allow Eddie to run around and do what he does, which is something he has struggled with all year. House has fallen out of his own game plan with how he sometimes has to bring the ball up. For backup minutes to Paul Pierce, Antawn Jamison would fill that role perfectly. Talk about a player that would get Pierce much needed rest so he doesn’t have to play 40 minutes. Sub in a player who averages 20.5 a night for Pierce averaging 18.6 and you have sparked my interest.

On the back burner to this deal is as I just mentioned, gained health to Pierce. This more than anything else would force Doc to sit Pierce and only play him in an amount of minutes that he needs. As great as Daniels has been playing, Doc still feels the need to reinsert Pierce because he figures The Truth is the best option to close out a game. He may still feel that way, but he may think twice about HAVING to put Pierce back in the game if Jamison (a proven player) is on the court and playing well.

For all I know this deal may never happen, in fact it probably will not happen. It is still fun to think about what could be- Is it not?

UPDATE: Via Ric Bucher of ESPN: Celtics not likely to make the deal because they would be taking on too much money.

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