It Might Be The Last Hour For Glen "The Eleventh Hour" Davis

It is that time of year when teams from all over the league are looking to add that final piece of the puzzle to put them over the top and help them towards their goal of winning a championship. Lately the Boston Celtics have been one of the teams at the forefront of trade discussions.

Most trade talks involving the Boston Celtics so far this season have been completely absurd and make little or no sense. Ray Allen to the Bulls, Ray Allen to the Warriors, Ray Allen to the Knicks were all rumors we heard, and all of them had very little legitimacy.

This time instead of Ray Allen, Glen Davis is the guy in green who, according to Chris Broussard from ESPN, might be being shipped out of Boston. The rumor reported earlier today has the Boston Celtics sending Glen Davis to the Bobcats for point guard D.J Augustin.

Via Chris Broussard:

The Boston Celtics and Charlotte Bobcats are discussing a trade centered around Glen “Big Baby” Davis and D.J. Augustin, according to league sources.

The sources cautioned that nothing is imminent, but said the clubs are having discussions.

The Bobcats have been searching for a power forward, and the 6-9 Davis could be their man. The Celtics, meanwhile, have been longing for a backup point guard, and Augustin, who’s fallen out of favor with Charlotte coach Larry Brown, would be more than adequate.

Now as you can expect there would be parts of the deal that would need to be worked out. The straight up trade of Davis for Augustin would not meet financial requirements. The C’s would need to throw in another low salary player, like Shelden Williams, to make the deal work.

Now to me this makes very little sense. The reason why the Celtics would make this trade would be to erase a hole at the backup point guard position. This trade, by getting rid of Davis and Williams, would just create another hole at the power forward position and would make it so the Celtics have very little insurance for Kevin Garnett.

The one thing that does make sense with this deal is the fact that both players aren’t exactly best friends with certain members of their respective organizations. As most Celtics fans know by now, there is a huge immaturity concern when it comes to Glen “Big Baby” Davis. He has been involved in a foolish off court altercation and an on court altercation with a fan. On both occasions he has been called out by both coaches, teammates, and upper management personnel. On the other side D.J Augustin has also has some problems getting along with Bobcats coach Larry Brown.

My overall take on this is that the Celtics should give it some time. Yes they do need a backup point guard, but are they ready to get rid of a solid big man off the bench? I don’t know if Danny Ainge has forgotten, but we also have a guy named Marquis Daniels who is just coming back from injury. Daniels should be able to handle some of the ball-handling for the team while also being a scoring threat off the bench.

So Danny, or whoever may be initiating these talks, please just calm down. Let’s wait a few games and then start worrying. There is always the possibility Stephon Marbury comes back from China, or Sam Cassell quits coaching to pick up the rock again. On that note, bring on New Orleans (not the Saints).

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