Pistons Help Celtics Make it 4 Out of 5



Ho hum… Whats new? Another loss to a team far inferior to the Celtics club. After jumping on the Pistons early, like they did against Atlanta, and Dallas, and the Clippers, and the Warriors, and….. Who cares? The Celtics are playing like junk right now. Even when they looked like they had it all going up 11, they didnt have anything going. They were being helped by the fact that the Pistons were THAT BAD. Detroit turned the ball over what seemed like everytime down the court. Yet when all was said and done, the Celtics were only up 8 at the break, because they were messing up nearly as much as their opponents.

In what has become a 180 degree turn from the beginning of the season, the Celtics are getting demolished in the 3rd quarter. Demolished is an understatement. If you score 13 points in any quarter, you don’t deserve to win. Follow that up with but a mere 17 points in the 4th, and it just gets ugly. This is not the Detroit Pistons from the past few years that have been great on defense. The Celtics couldn’t get it done.

Ray Allen, where have you gone? I will do a shot chart on him later, and let me tell you it is not impressive to say the least. Rajon Rondo, are you going to play defense any time soon? 4 steals is great, but when you counter it with letting Stuckey get wide open shots, shots in which you are around him, yet refuse to put a hand up in his face, he is going to score 27 points. What is the success rate of letting a player go by and attempting to tip the ball from behind? I wish I knew but I can only imagine it is EXTREMELY low.

Don’t get me wrong, the Pistons played an awesome game….. Oh, who am I kidding, the Pistons stunk, the Celtics just stunk more. The Pistons were the curdled milk that has been sitting in your room for 3-4 days, and the C’s were the curdled milk that you can no longer call curdled because it is now gone from being a liquid to a solid, and creates an instant burst of puke in your mouth from the second it hits the hairs in your nose.

KG is back on Friday and the Celtics will need him to right the ship. If anyone in this league has the power to do so it is him. The C’s are a great team, who just need a reason to play. They know they can win every game they go on the court, they are just simply not doing it. They have come to expect teams to roll over, but that isn’t going to happen. These teams know they can come back on the Celtics, and will play them hard until the last tick of the clock. Hopefully for the first time in a very, very, very long time, the Celtics can put together a 48 minute performance and close out the Trailblazers at home on Friday night.

(Photos via AP on NBAYahooSports)

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