Chicago Bulls @ Boston Celtics Preview

 Thursday, January 14th, 2010

TD Garden – Boston, MA

8:00 PM ET Tip

So far this year the Bulls have not even been a challenge to the Celtics. Boston has crushed them at home, as well as on the road, winning both by 20+ points. The Celtics can not sleep on this team, though, because they brought them to 7 games last year in the playoffs, therefore know they can play with the C’s. Chicago is on a 2 game win streak after winning big over both the T’Wolves and Pistons, and stand at 16-20. The Celtics are coming off a thumping of the Nets last night, and hold a record of 27-10. Tonights game will be nationally televised on TNT.

Celtics Probable Starters:

PG: Rajon Rondo - Boston Celtics  SG: Ray Allen - Boston Celtics  SF: Paul Pierce - Boston Celtics  PF: Brian Scalabrine - Boston Celtics  C: Kendrick Perkins - Boston Celtics 

I dont expect any changes from last night. Scalabrine should make the start at Power Forward again, as Doc was hesitant last night when he said Sheed would be back for this game. Whenever they are hesitant, it usually means there isnt a chance that player is playing. That is fine, though, because Scal has been getting the job done, and has been known to, whenever he is forced to make the start.

Bulls Probable Starters:

PG: Derrick Rose - Chicago Bulls  SG: Kirk Hinrich - Chicago Bulls  SF: Luol Deng - Chicago Bulls  PF: Chicago Bulls  C: Joakim Noah - Chicago Bulls

That bulls face is Taj Gibson. He hasn’t taken his picture yet with Yahoo Sports and I cant find a picture of him anywhere. So if you don’t know who he is, his name remains faceless until tip off. The only ones I am confident with here are the first and last ones in Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah. As for the middle three, they are all so inconsistent and this team is just trying to find a way to win anyway possible. Maybe Salmons will get the start tonight, since he had a good series against Boston last year? Or Tyrus Thomas could get the start since he has been playing just as many minutes as Gibson. The Bulls are going to have to figure something out to beat the Celtics.

Key Matchup: Rajon Rondo vs. Derrick Rose

Without question there is nothing more fun to watch than two young point guards battle it out. Rondo has had the upper hand so far this year, but Rose has began to pick up his game as of late.The same goes for Rondo and how he has been scoring more as of late, and is really making his presence felt on the court at all times. This should be a good battle to watch between 2 players with fairly different styles of play.

Tonights game is key going into a 3 day break. I wouldn’t expect them to win as big as they have in the first 2 games of this season, butI do expect them to win quite handily. They can’t take it easy on this team, however, because this team has beaten the Cavs, so they can win against the tough competition. The next game will be Monday at home against Dallas.

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