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It has all been talked about before, but last night it got real bad. It got 1 for 8 bad, and what probably made it worse was the fact that he made his 2nd three of the night, so he missed 6 thereafter. Either way- What tells a man to keep shooting threes, 8 of them nonetheless, when they are all not even close? It wasn’t like they looked like Ray Allens who were halfway down then came back out- they just flat out weren’t going down.

This seems to be a recurring theme. Now sure he hit 5 of 10 in his previous 2 games combined before that. He did have some big threes down the stretch of the game against Miami. The thing with him that is very different from Ray Allen is that Ray can be missing and flip the switch and start nailing them after seeing one go down. That is not Wallace. When he misses a couple in a row you might as well call it a night for him from behind the arc. Atleast call it a night as far as them going in, dont worry about him to keep shooting them.

I backed him up shooting threes to begin the season because I knew that was his game. I liked the idea of a big man stretching the floor to create space. I thought eventually he would either start making them, or notice that he needs to mix it up a bit. Although he has been getting into the post alot more often, with a starting role he still finds a way to jack up a ton of threes.

What has been a pattern is that he mixes it up real well to begin the game, then as the game progresses he just hangs around the 3 point line. With a guy shooting 29% in threes on the year, we can’t have him shooting 8 three pointers a game. (Just as a little aside- I’ll cut him some slack on a couple of those threes because he had to force them up with the shot clock winding down) 

This is the difference between him being in the lineup, and Kevin Garnett being in the starting 5. KG takes VERY….. VERY…. VERY few poor shots. He will work the ball around more if he does not think the shot he is eyeing down is the best possible attempt that could be made on that trip up the floor. Sheed? He’ll shoot a three with a guy in his face and 15 seconds on the shot clock.

Don’t get me wrong, more times than not I like Rasheed Wallace’s game. I think he is a great asset to this team coming down the stretch late into the season and into the playoffs. Like every other player on the team, you can critique their game and break it down because you don’t agree with it. Oh well, apparently the Celtics will just live and die by whether or not Sheed is making his threes on any given night. Sometimes we will be glad he is shooting threes (Miami) and others (Hawks) we wont, and I’ll end up writing long posts like this about why I think he needs to take a break shooting the ball from deep. Haha, oh well that is all a part of being a fan.

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