Eddie House Missing- Huge Reward If Found

Say you are 10 years old and are at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Tons and tons of people are around. Your dad (or Doc for the sake of the story) tells you to look up at that huge Dora the Explorer balloon (which has to be your favorita ever) that is flying over head, and runs away as fast as he can without saying a single word. There you stand, much smaller than the rest of the crowd, and cant see a thing. No longer are you in a comfortable situation where you are just doing what you have always done. Instead, YOU have to figure it out for yourself how to find something that works so you are not lost forever. Eh. Terrible analogy but you can understand where I am going.

Eddie House has been dropped into a position he is not used to this year. It has been talked about on several occasions, but Eddie is NOT a PG. He is a Shooting Guard today, he was yesterday, and he will be tomorrow. He wants someone to feed him, not to be the distributer. That is in his nature, and he has been taken away form that so far this year. Even when Marquis Daniels was playing, Eddie manned the point more than him. Now Daniels is out for a while, and we know what that means- more Eddie doing what he isn’t good at.

We saw it last night in the game against the 76ers, in fact why point that game out, we have seen it every game this season. Eddie is a guy who you want to stand down in the corner, and create shots for himself. Instead, he has to bring to ball up, or atleast help bring the ball up, giving him less time to come off screens or run from side to side opening himself up. Who else is there really to bring the ball up? Well no one really unless we want Pierce or Ray to have those duties and take them away from their game.

House is a specialty player much like a punter is in football. You can’t take the punter and say, “Well we don’t have a 2nd receiver today, and you are small so that is your job”. It doesn’t work that way. Eddie Specializes in making other teams pay, and spreading the floor while he is at it.

My solution? I don’t have one, but I can’t see it working with Eddie at the point, atleast for his sake it takes him out of his game that he knows and has come to understand. It is a waste of pure talent that the team may be biting themselves for now, having not picked up a back up pg in the offseason. I have written posts similar to this before, as have the rest of Celtics bloggers. I just can’t find myself to blame Eddie for his struggles this year, and what momentum, and shifts in games he could bring if he could simply do what he has done for the past 2 years.

(Photo by Scott Cunningham/NBAE via Getty Images)

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