Celtics Use Road Trip As a Statement

4-0! That is the Celtics record on the Celtics most recent road trip, a road trip which included stops in Miami, Charlotte, San Antonio, and Oklahoma City. Before the road trip Celtics fans everywhere agreed that we would be thankful getting wins anyway that we could, whether that meant a buzzer beater to win every single game, or a road trip full of 20 point blowouts.

To be honest, I did not expect the Celtics to use this four game road trip as a way to regain the swagger and confidence that we saw to begin the year. I expected the Celtics to maybe pull off the four wins in ugly fashion, or even drop a game. Well, they proved me wrong. The Celtics left Boston with the mindset that coming home anything worse than 16-4 would be a letdown. That mindset proved to be strong as the Celtics never showed signs that they were ready to bow down to any opponent.

Let me just remind you, this was not an easy four game road trip. This road trip was not a small trip around the east coast to play teams like New Jersey, New York, Philadelphia, and Toronto. This road trip was against quality opponents, and teams we did not think the C’s would match up well against.

 The trip started off with a quick stop in Miami to take on Dwayne Wade, and the Miami Heat. After the Celtics took care of business there they had to take on a Bobcat team who was ranked #1 in the league in defense, and also on a five game winning streak. The Celtics never got challenged by the Bobcats and moved onto the biggest match-up of the trip against the San Antonio Spurs.

 Although the Spurs did have a late run at the C’s, in my mind the game was never really close and the C’s made a statement against one of the league’s best. Then to wrap it all up the Celtics had to take on a very young, and much improved, Oklahoma City Thunder team. Now we all know how much trouble young teams have given the Celtics, and this made us worry. But worry no more the Celtics came out strong against the Thunder, and proved that our “old” guys (sarcasm) can still run with the youngins’ in the league.

 Overall I am very pleased with the way our guys handled this short four game road trip. They really used it as a way to regain their swag, and are starting to really turn head again. It feels damn good to watch four straight Celtics games without having to pop a bottle of Advil after. The last four games have been enough to shut me up for now, as far as picking apart every aspect of the team goes. The Celtics have even given me back some of the swagger I had to start the year. I am now pumped as ever at the thought of raising banner 18. Celtics fans all around the world tonight should sleep well, and dream about something that could soon be a reality, Banner 18.

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