Rasheed Not Worried About Technical Fouls - Doesn't Mean I'm Not

If you have not heard about it by now, Rasheed Wallace currently has a league high eight technical fouls, and three in the last three games. The current league rule states that after your 16th technical you will be suspended a game for each technical foul after number 16. Right now Sheed is on track to pick up his 16th foul during the January 11th game against the Hawks, assuming he doesn’t calm down between now and then. If we also assume that Sheed keeps up with his trash-talking, call-questioning attitude, Sheed will pick up around 36 technicals this year.

Apparently Sheed is not as worried about these numbers as much as his coach and many Celtics fans are. Earlier today Sheed commented on his technical foul situation (Via the Boston Globe):

“I take that with a grain of salt. Before I even came here, this was never an issue for me. I don’t care about that. If they want to sit up there and call that (stuff) then fine, that’s cool. But my thing is don’t cheat me. I don’t care about all that technical foul (expletive).”

The fact that Sheed doesn’t care about this makes me kind of nervous. I think that this is the wrong attitude to have when the consequences may be missing multiple games at the end of the season. Coming down the stretch this season the Celtics are going to need Sheed more than ever, as they will be making a strong push to lock up home court advantage in the playoffs. If he is currently on pace to get 36, there is no doubt in my mind we are going to miss his presence in a few games down the stretch.

This is one thing that we were all worried about at the beginning of the year, but took it as somewhat of a laughing matter. Now that reality is starting to set in I am starting to become seriously concerned about this. The reality of possibly not having Sheed for big games down the stretch makes me very nervous. This will leave a big hole in the team’s roster, as it may force Shelden Williams to back up big Perk.

Besides just going on my rant, I also wanted to mention many of the technicals he has received he really didn’t deserve. Reportedly Rasheed is currently appealing three of the technicals. One of which was for raising his hands in the air, and the other for yelling out “And One”. It is very likely he will get at least one of these technical fouls rescinded by the league office.

I am really hoping that Rasheed will start to keep his cool more often than not. We all know that the refs are constantly looking to “T” him up for any little thing he does. This is mostly because of his long time reputation as one of the biggest mouth’s in the league. If Sheed really wants to help his team down the stretch he will need to learn to keep his mouth shut when he doesn’t agree with a call. If he doesn’t and continues to rack up the techs then it will be an unpleasant end of the year for the Celtics big guy.

Are you worried about the rate at with Sheed is getting technicals? Let us know by leaving a comment, it’s easy, fast, and fun to do.

Photos via Issac Baldizon/NBAE via Getty Images and theurbandaily.com

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