Rajon Rondo Faster Than Your Average NFL Running Back?

Rajon Rondo is that quiet, yet cocky point guard that plays for the Boston Celtics. We all know that he is good, and can single handily take over basketball games. But is he really as fast as an NFL running back? Well apparently he thinks so, yesterday Chris Johnson (Running Back for the Tennesse Titans) tweeted that he got a call from his “bradda” Marquis Daniels @lambo6)  saying that Rondo wanted to challenge Johnson in a race. Here is the official tweet from Johnson:

“My bradda @lambo6 called me and said they point guard rondo want to race me for 2k that’s easy money set it up on espn”

During the 2008 scouting combine Johnson ran a 40 yard dash in 4.24, good for the fastest time during that year’s combine, and 18th fastest time ever. We all know how quick Rondo is on the court but can he really compete with a guy who’s job is to run fast? Not just fast, VERY fast. Rondo however claims that he can run the 40 yard dash in the same time that he went coast to coast for a layup against the Jazz earlier this season, 3.8 seconds.

My biggest question is: Is this just Rondo being cocky or is he REALLY this fast? I was lucky to be at the game against the Jazz and I was amazed at what I saw. So amazed that I even got on TV after the layup went in. I think that this race would be very entertaining to see, but I’d rather see or hear about it during the off season. Right now the Celtics are finally regaining their “swag” and need to stay completely focused on winning games, not winning bets.

This is also not the first time Rondo has tried to challenge a very fast athlete. Last year Rondo said he would not back down from the world’s fastest man, Usian Bolt. The two conversed after Bolt attended a Celtics game against the Bulls last year. This is the kind of talk from Rondo that makes you wonder if he is serious about the race against Johnson, or if it’s just Rondo being Rondo. Rajon may be the fastest guy in the NBA, but in the world… No way.

So if this race against Johnson does take place who would you place your last dollar on? Would you take the guy who is on pace to break the Titans single season rushing record or the guy who went coast to coast dribbling a basketball in 3.8 seconds? After witnessing in person Rondo going coast to coast in 3.8 seconds I wouldn’t be hesitant to put my money on our $55 million dollar man, Rajon Rondo.

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