Kevin Durant Nudges Rondo In 3-Point Shootout.. I Mean HORSE

In this competition, I really thought Rondo had a chance to win. He shows the tricky moves from game to game, and I had a feeling he could pull off some crazy moves that Durant, and especially Casspi could not do. As funny as it is, the game did not come down to that, not one bit.

First off the lineup favored Durant from the beginning. I guess that is fair since he is the defending champion, but he had to follow up Casspi. We all knew when it came down to it, this game would be decided between Rondo and Durant. Getting Casspi out of there was something that had to be done in the meantime. Therefore, with the lineup planted this way, Casspi couldn’t hit a shot, thus gave Durant nothing to shoot for. Kevin basically had free reign on selecting his own shot everytime. Also, this meant that Rondo’s shots would be spoiled by Casspi missing them. For example, the shot from both corners (which were nasty by the way) that Rondo took, both went as letters to Casspi, and in return gave Durant his own shot.

About 40 minutes into the competition, when it looked imminent that the contest would go beyond the scheduled hour, they mentioned that if the time ran over, the deciding factor would be a 3 point contest, where every missed shot counted as a letter. At that point I thought, “Oh crap, Rondo better do his work on Durant now, or this thing is over.” Luck would have it, Rondo had to get Casspi out of there first, before he could put anything on Durant. So it came down to Rondo and Durant shooting 3’s for the HORSE champion.

Let me remind you, Rajon Rondo is a 25.5% 3P shooter on the year, and Durant is a 38.1% 3p shooter. Odds were certainly in the favor of the Oklahoma City star. Rondo went first, and missed his first shot so he already had some catching up to do. He did just that. With his last letter hanging over his head, he hit who knows how many 3 pointers in a row: 7,8,9? I dont know, I didn’t count but he just kept hitting. Rondo couldn’t hang on long enough, and in the end the BETTER 3 POINT SHOOTER WON.

Rules are rules, and Rondo lost fair and square based on those rules. He didn’t lose the game of HORSE, though, which kind of bugs me. Oh well, when all is said and done we won’t be looking back on this season to see if our PG won a game of HORSE on all star weekend. What this does bring to question, though, and if Rondo can start hitting threes in a game? You’ll see this on a Poll later now by clicking here.

(Photo by Joe Murphy/NBAE via Getty Images)

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