Brendan Haywood Cries Following Celtics Game

WAHHHH… WAHHHH… WAHHHH… That’s all I can hear coming from the mouth of Brendan Haywood following tonight’s Celtics and Wizard’s game in the nation’s capital. According to Yahoo Sports, Brendan can not handle the fact that his lousy Wizards team got beat by a much better team tonight.

Via Yahoo Sports:

“You’re playing against the Boston Celtics, so you’re not going to get a lot of calls. KG’s going to set illegal screens; they’re not going to be called. That’s just part of the game,” Wizards center Brendan Haywood said. “You’re going to go to the basket, and if it’s not basically just a straight-up WWF body slam, you’re not getting the call.”

I don’t know about you but all I take from this is a grown man crying because he just got beat fair and square. He didn’t just get beat by one or two points, they got their you know what’s handed to them in the fourth quarter. Maybe he thought they had a chance after leading for the majority of the game and is looking for an easy excuse, I really don’t know.

What I do know is that he must have forgot the way the calls were going in the first half. If I remember correctly, which I do, the Wizards attempted twice the amount of free throws as the Celtics in the first half, 20-10 to be exact. And he resorts to blaming the game on KG’s illegal screens, are you kidding me? Come up with a better excuse than that man. My name is Brandon and I feel ashamed to even have a name that somewhat resembles yours after witnessing this little ordeal.

Yes I know KG does set illegal screens, he has his whole career, but to blame a game strictly on that is ridiculous and a cowardly way out of accepting the fact that your team was not the better team. And the thing with KG’s screens is that he does it in an undercover type of way. He isn’t obvious with it and he usually backs out of the screen early enough so that it does not get called. Is this right? Probably not but it’s the way they have called it for years on end. And for your reference, at the end of the game the foul shots attempted evened out at 36 attempts for each team.

So Brendan, get a grip, get a team, push your game to a higher level, become a winner and then talk. Too many times in the sporting world we hear a nobody, and somebody who has accomplished jack squat in their career run their trap when really it would be in their best interest not to.

Photo via Yahoo Sports

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