Lebron James… Would You Like Fries With That?

Alright folks, add one more thing to the “Why I hate Lebron list”. The cocky Cleveland Cavaliers forward has done it again. Tonight Lebron used a Oklahoma City Thunder fan as a drive-thru window for some free french fries. After grabbing a steal and going coast to coast for a layup, and a foul, Lebron stopped on the baseline to grab a french fry from a young kid seated court side with a Thunder jersey on. Not a big deal, but just another reason to hate the cocky superstar.

Over the past year Lebron has done anything, and everything, to get attention from the national media. He came out and said he wanted to participate in the dunk contest, then said maybe not. Then he showed up at a Cleveland Indians game with a Yankee cap on. Then he starts talking about the possibility of him signing with the Knicks. Then he talked some more about the 2010 free agency. Then he started talking about football and the possibility of him playing in the NFL. Then he started the talk about retiring Michael Jordan’s number league wide. Then he felt the need to do the river dance WHILE the game was going on against the Chicago Bulls. Then he felt the need to have to comment on college basketball’s rising star John Wall from Kentucky, obviously to get more media attention. Now he’s eating french fries during a game. Maybe the next time Lebron is thinking about being cocky someone should remind him of this:

 I want to let it be known that I am not using “then” to start every sentence because of my poor grammar, I’m using it to point out how sickening this guy is becoming. The list goes on and on and on. And to be quite honest fans league wide are starting to become sick of it. The immaturity of “The King” is one of the reasons why he has yet to win a championship. He is much too focused on gaining attention for himself, and not focused enough on the fact that his team is far from reaching greatness.

Now we all know Lebron is good, I’ll admit that. I am not a hater and I respect the way he plays the game. The two thing I don’t respect is his poor sportsmanship and immaturity. Now I may be blowing this whole thing out of proportion but like I said IT’S SICKENING. Every other day this guy is doing something else to try to put the spotlight on himself. In all reality his just making more of an (expletive) of himself.

For the love of god, and the love of basketball, can this kid please grow up and just play the game?

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  • http://www.hardwoodhoudini.com Bpaul

    I would be cocky but not to the extent of Lebron James’ cockiness. I would be more of a Ray Allen type that gives a slight fist pump when something good happens. Maybe Lebron should look at Ray to get an idea of how a guy with class plays the game.

  • Mick

    Craig, you suck too.

  • Jordan

    man youre way too jealous.
    go back and relive your glory days instead of hating on others’

  • http://www.4sportboston.com Craig

    It’s funny how obvious it is that most of these comments are being written without even reading the post.

    Hey BPaul, you forgot the hilarious battle with Shaq (oh, woops, they’re cool now) over who could come up with the most creative pregame team-building exercise.

    Say cheese!

  • http://www.hardwoodhoudini.com Bpaul

    Thank you Craig, thank you. I do have a feeling most of these people comenting did not read the entire article. And I’m not going to keep repeating what I was trying to get at. I did not just attack him because of a damn fry, it’s multiple things that led up to this post.

  • TJ

    your garbage man.. you probabley never touched a basketball in your life.. that is why james is so good, he loves to play the game. People like you get no where in life.(not even a lebron fan)

  • NurseDeb

    Oh for God’s sake are you kidding me? You hate the guy cause of this? At least he HAS enough personality to smile, laugh, have fun AND play the game! Forgive him for being HUMAN! Get a life and stop ragging on his….

  • brian

    I’m no Celtics fan and I’m no Cav fan. But I do think the whole premise of this article is completely off base.

    LeBron will get attention no matter what he does.

    All of that dunk contest/free agency/football stuff you butcher him for? Blame the media who asked him, but don’t blame him for answering honestly. Commenting on John Wall? Didn’t make him unlikeable in my book. Cockiness? Look no further than beloved Celtics “I’m the best player in the world” Paul Pierce and “F*** your rookies” KG. In fact appearing in a wheelchair on Letterman is much more attention grabbing than taking a fry and high fiveing a young fan.

    Again, I’m not exclusively a Celtics, Cavs or LeBron fan, so don’t think I’m just out there hugging his nuts.

  • fart


  • http://www.voteforperk.blogspot.com KobeWearsAPurpleThong

    I don’t think the frenchfry thing was a huge deal, but it’s still very clear that Lebron is a spoiled little douche. I don’t blsme Cleveland fans for being angry-the poor bastards have been letdown over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and….OVER.

  • Larry

    Hey HH: My first (and last) time I’ll visit your website. From the looks of it you’re a Celtics fan and, like most Boston fans, have a deep hatred for flashy and super-talented athletes. Start with the Sox – no more Manny or Pedro. Ortiz needs to stay in line in order to keep his job. If an NBA athlete doesn’t have the strength of character (or whiteness) of John Havlicek or Larry Bird, you’re just not buying.
    I live in Boston. I’m not a Celtics fan. I’m not a Celtics hater. But you just have to look at LeBron James play the game one time and you realize how dominant he is. You think Kevin Garnett is dominant? Kobe Bryant? James is a once in a decade player. I don’t care if he wins championships….I’m not a Cleveland fan. This guy is built like a linebacker but can make even the nimblest NBA guards look like they’re standing still.
    You must be a Republican who feels the basketball court needs law & order….try appreciating art for art’s sake.

  • http://www.voteforperk.blogspot.com KobeWearsAPurpleThong

    ps Whether people like this post or not, they commented on it over 115 times. Nice work HH.

  • http://www.hardwoodhoudini.com greenbanner18

    haha Half the people commenting on this didn’t even read the post. He says he is a great player but is sick of him trying to get attention – let your game get the attention instead of being some showboat all the time. Plain and simple we expect more out of him yet have to realize his age and that is how all players are in their younger years.

    The post is based on opinion- if you don’t agree then dont agree, but grow up there are some pretty immature comments streaming through here haha

  • JT

    Larry: There is a link at the bottom of your notification e-mail that allows you to manage your subscriptions and notifications. I hope you find what you’re needing to access there. If you need help, just post what’s up and I’ll try to help.

    And for the record about this post. I’m not a Cavs fan. I’m just a fan of talented players and people that put things aside in their life and focus their efforts to improve their skills to the level that allows them to excel in what they’re good at.

    I like many teams, but my favorite ones are those with good, hard working players and staff. Those that help to encourage each other on and off the court/field. I also enjoy the teams that contribute a lot of time and efforts to their local city, charities, and organizations that help kids/teens/young adults and anyone else in need with guidance and support.

    Also, those that aren’t afraid to encourage young and upcoming athletes and people that in order to reach high levels of success in their life, they have to believe in themselves. And they can’t be afraid of hard work and sacrifice. Also, they try to help teach others the importance of having a safe and strong values outside of sports.

    Also, there’s been no instances where LeBron has done something crazy like Kendrick Perkins fouled Mickael Pietrus by elbowing him in the throat. I think it’s funny how you’re so proud of Rajon Rondo, even after he jacked Brad Miller in the face in April. Everyone knew it was a foul but the refs didn’t call it.

    Weird that you’re backing players that do such rough stuff on the court, and then you’re getting all mad about someone doing things off the court that aren’t even that bad. Buying cars and houses that he has the money to afford doesn’t hurt anyone. Playing as well as he has, for as long as he has, while playing against the best in the league, but still making huge plays gives him plenty of reason to be proud of himself.

    Have you ever thought that the times that his sportsmanship didn’t look the greatest, he could’ve been provoked by another player during the game? NBA is notorious for trash talking during the game. But noone can hear it unless the players get really loud. You can pick on Cavs fans all you want, but the majority of people responding to this post are people that are just not pleased with your behavior. It is really funny how the only reason people knew your blog existed is because of how that Yahoo blogger pointed out how trivial your discussion was. This has all been a huge publicity stunt just to get people to read your blog. Booooo!

  • JT


    I just did a Player Comparison on NBA.com with LeBron James and every Celtics Forward. His stats beats every single one of them hands down. A lot of his stats are even higher then Kevin Garnett’s. That’s showing how his Gameplay is speaking for himself and getting him all the attention. But people are trying to impose that he’s doing things intentionally for attention. When people talk about LeBron James on TV, in the News, on ESPN and any other time they talk about his skills and gameplay. But then the “Haters” try to turn it into a much more negative story and accuse him of things just to tarnish his image. Shame Shame

  • http://www.hardwoodhoudini.com greenbanner18

    JT you got one boring life- shouldnt you be in bed stead of on a blog you apparently dont like running your mouth?

  • BM

    Is ‘Hardwood Houdini’ some obscure euphemism for an over-stimulated former high school basketball towel boy? I’m just venturing a guess here, but by the rancor of your reaction I’m thinking what really gets your dander up is that Lebron got to snag some fries he didn’t have to pay for all while pulling down a 5 figure game check (and having his highest scoring game of the season, if I read right)… all while you were… blogging. Congrats to you on that. Maybe throw Lebron a thanks for participating in a sport whose existence allows you to feel that your life has some purpose.

  • JT

    I guess the truth that LeBron’s stats/gameplay being better then the Celtics whole roster struck a nerve. Some lead bloggers would be happy that people are even posting on their blog. But yet you’re being immature and trying to call me out even though I haven’t said anything to or about you. You just keep digging further and further into making yourselves look worse and worse, lol. Even though you said we’re all entitled to our own opinion, I guess you said that just so you can get mad at people when they state theirs on your blog. Like I said before, the only reason this blog got recognized in the first place was because of that Yahoo Blogger pointing it out in disgust. I’m not going to stoop down to your level and try to talk about your life cause I’m not like that. Guess you’ve never heard of a laptop that people can use in bed. You should check them out, they’re pretty useful.

  • JT

    First they’re trying to tell LeBron how to live and act. Now he’s trying to tell me what to do with my free time, LoL.

  • http://www.hardwoodhoudini.com greenbanner18

    The point is your in here ragging on the blog in your comments – state your opinion about the post – one opinionated post does not mean a blog sucks just because that opinion does not link up with yours

  • JT

    You should backtrack, because I didn’t say anything about tha blog until you attacked me. So chill out. Other people were ragging on the blog, I was just talking to bpaul for ragging on someone else. So why can someone else do it to all of us, and we not do it back?

  • http://www.hardwoodhoudini.com Bpaul

    Okay, okay, okay. Just because I am the author of this article doesn’t mean I don’t have the right to defend myself. Look at all the comments about this post and tell me if you would just sit there and not defend yourself. Damn man, COME ON. I’m not ragging on anyone I’m trying to defend myself because people took this article the wrong way.

  • JT

    I wasn’t ragging on anyone either and just talking about the discussion and then greenbanner starts ragging on me and accusing me of ragging on people when I was just furthering the discussion along.

  • JT

    Plus, greenbanner was just telling me to post, and not defend myself. So what’s up with that?

  • http://www.hardwoodhoudini.com Bpaul

    We don’t mind you in here if your going to have good and fun debate. You may disagree with what I wrote but that doesn’t give anyone the right to go dissing on our blog. We put a lot of time into the blog and we don’t deserve this kind of stuff. This was MY opinion on Lebron James, this is a blog, expect opinions. We are not a website like ESPN or Yahoo that has to give you news straight up. Either come in here and debate with us without using swears or putting down the blog, or your comments will be deleted. Thank you very much.

  • http://www.hardwoodhoudini.com Bpaul

    And by the way for those who think this was a “publicity stunt”. We in no way contacted J.E Skeets from BDL. I was actually very surprised at the fact that he posted the link. I have great respect for Skeets and thanked him for the link. I did not sit there and say he was a idiot, and his blog sucks because he disagreed with this article. Some people really need to grow up and just enjoy some fun debate.

  • JT

    First off I was just furthering discussion and talking with you about the topics. I wasn’t the one that was saying anything bad about the blog. I was just saying that you shouldn’t hate on a person, just because they’re getting attention from the media. A lot of that attention probably wasn’t even asked for from him, like how paparazzi takes tons of photos and make stories about people that they don’t want published. A lot of the other people were coming directly after the blog and I was not, so I don’t appreciate both of you pointing the finger at me when I was just participating the same way that you both were, and just posting my opinions. I was being honest and discussing back and forth while others did too. I didn’t say anything about the blog until I was attacked directly. And one of you are gonna tell me that I have no life and not be here. Seems like the anger from all the other posts is getting taken out on me just for participating. I never once said this blog sucks, all I said is that I didn’t even know about it before it was mentioned at Yahoo. That’s just absurd that after me participating in a friendly manner. I get blasted, even though there were plenty of people that said much worse then I did. After this behavior, it makes me want to join in the angle of those that are actually attacking the blog, but I’m not going to. Just quit pointing fingers at me when I wasn’t doing anything wrong.

  • http://none randy

    What a HYPOCRITE! You Bpaul are the real attention whore, you knew people would suddenly deluge your website read mostly by your mother only once you use the Lebron-bait.

    I am Celtic fan and you are giving us a bad name and ruining our credibility. Yeah, we want to sports-hate the opposing camps but give us at least a semblance of intelligence.

  • http://www.hardwoodhoudini.com Bpaul

    JT I have a feeling you are also “Jay T” who happened to diss on the blog. If your not I apoligize but it only makes sence.

    Randy- I believe if you read the article and read my comments you would see my intelligence. Many people look for the negatives in this article, they don’t see that I also say Lebron is a great player. My main point of the article was to say that Lebron needs to just let his game do the talking and stop doing foolish things on and off the court. If you don’t agree… so be it

  • JT

    No, I’m not Jay T. If there’s a way for you to check, you can see that the mail addresses are different. And IP address would be too. I think he quit posting earlier after he said that he was going to.

  • http://none randy

    Geez, Bpaul stop deluding yourself, self-flattery ain’t going to turn stupidity to intelligence.

    Look, let us be clear here -you guys stalk Lebron all the time, ask dumb questions and then diss him for indulging you or just because his answers are not what you wanted him to say. So who’s the real prick here? To me it’s guys like you who can’t respect individuality. Like so many things you brought up against him, he didn’t comment on John Wall out of the blue, he was asked categorically. Exactly how do want him to respond? Seal his mouth and then get guys like you spinning stories like” Lebron thinks talking about wannabe John Wall is beneath him.?” That would be an even better reason to hate Lebron.
    Lebron may not win a title in his career but it won’t be because of the inanities you mentioned which you like to call intelligence.

    It pains me to think that Lebron might someday supplant Larry Bird as the game’s greatest small forward or even MJ as the games greatest. I will try to diss him and put him down , but be sure I am going to do it in a manner that will make people pause and re-consider things. I certainly will not follow your garbage lead which is sure to be quickly dismissed as inane barking.

  • http://www.hardwoodhoudini.com Bpaul

    If he doesn’t win a title in his career then it is going to have something to do with the concept that he has of: Lebron>Team. That, along with his foolish actions on and off the court, is why I can’t stand the guy’s attitude. I respect his game, I don’t know if you didn’t catch that part yet.

    Lebron is also an easy target to go after when he does something wrong, just like Tiger Woods, I will admit that. If he just did one or two foolish things it wouldn’t be a problem. But when it’s time after time after time it’s sickening, and I personally think it’s hurting his legacy.

  • http://www.northstationsports.com North Station Sports

    My blackberry went off all nite with notifications for responses to this post. I was woken from sleep every 5 minutes by LeBron James comments, that may be worse then watching him dance!

    I finally figured out how to unsubscribed!

    PS– JT, Thanks for the instructions.

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  • Bob

    Over some fries? He probably made that kids day

  • Lebron fan

    HATER…we all gotta have them but your attention comes from that look at the responses you get everytime you hate on one sports most loved athlete’s. Makes sense I guess, you know he’s one the best! Eat the fries Lebron, eat the fries.

    Merry Christmas

  • Kenny

    PEOPLE!!!! This is funny and in good humor! I’m glad someone is having clean fun out there! The game needs this kind of fun stuff. I guess to those who complain about this are OK with the fighting, drugs and womanizing that is so common in the NBA today.

    LeBron is great for the NBA and the best thing for it since MJ. We could use a few more guys like him having a good time and making it a fun game again!

  • John

    I have to disagree on him being cocky in this situation and side on him being a great ambassador to the game, he made that kids night, week, year when he took one of his fries and gave him a high five, hell he could have been cocky, gotten up and not done a thing, that is the sign of a true cocky player, or he could have jumped into the crowd and taken a swing at a few of them like some. Being a local, LBJ has been nothing but a good citizen in our town. He is a young basketball player, thats all he is, a kid having fun!

  • Ali

    I think this is more of a jealousy thing. YOU could never do what Lebron can do, so we need to take it out by bashing him. Your obviously another wannabe, and you can’t handle that he He took a fry, woohoo? This kid is probably one of the happiest kids on the planet. Not only is he a star on T.V now, but he got a high five from Lebron James. I personally think you need to grow up, and get a hobby !

  • http://none randy

    I just have to come back one more time, maybe knock some senses into your dumb head and hopefully the world would be better for having one less stupid people.

    Hating is dumb, dumb hating is worse but dumb hating and feeling intelligent about it is the absolute worst -can I get any clearer than that? I am begining to think that the B in your Bpaul stands for BOVINE!

    What Lebron just did is amusing and hilarious at worst and heart-warming at best. Assuming without necessarily conceding that Lebron just wanted attention as you say, fact remains he made that kid happy. I bet that kid who wore a Kevin Durant jersey and his entire family were won over. Hell, the entire world was won over except of course of guys like you who were not hug enough as a child.

    Contrary to your misguided hatred, such gestures would actually add and not heart Lebron’s legacy – a megastar with warmth! Such act is hardly foolish which you continue to insist.

    Seriously what more do you want from the man- he just played fantastic (44 pts, 6 assists, 7 rebounds, 4 steals and 1 block), gave the fans some highwire reels and electrifying moments, conducted himself well(he gave rookie James Harden some props immediately after he was outwitted in a loose ball scramble), WON the game despite luckluster support from everyone not named MO Williams, and above all , gave a kid an experience to last a lifetime. It’s the kind of stuff which would make fans flock the arena and follow the game more. I very positive lots of kids (and adults for that matter) are now thinking of watching the game live, hopeful of getting a chance to high five Lebron or Kobe or Wade.

    Look as a Celtic fan I hate Kobe and still think he is a rapist. But if Kobe stumbled in the ringside section and then help himself to some fries my daughter is eating and then give her a high five, should I stupidly think he is making a pass at her and just wanted some sexual gratification? I should not but dirty-minded prick like you are likely to. Guys like Kobe may be molesters and all but it doesn’t mean they are not capable of genuine heart-warming gestures.

    My final advise to you Bpaul? Continue hating (sports hating, to be more accurate) but pick your spots and choose your battles well. Ranting and raving senselessly would only give us Celtic fans a bad reputation, ruin our credibility and make us the laughing stock of the sporting world.

  • http://www.hardwoodhoudini.com Bpaul

    Randy you are again not getting my point in the article. Your trying to put words in my mouth and then trying to put me down by it. I never said that just this “fry-gate” incident was why I wrote this article. I actually think it was quite hillarious, but I do view it as him trying to gain more attention. This article has been building up with all the things this guy has done in the past year or so. And then you start going on about stats, yes I know he’s good, I never said he isn’t. My advise to you is read the damn article and see what I am actually saying before you come one here and blabble nonsense. Just to let you know all you people who think you are the majority, your about 10% of the people who read this article, so I”m not to worried about it. The other 90% actually had the brains to figure out what I was saying before they want off in a rant.


    COME ON MAN….do you really think he was looking for more attention??? He already is a household name…nationally recognized a little less than KOBE!!!

    This was done as result of the situation…..I think his main concern was that the little boy was not scared by the 6’8 gifted talent coming at him…and…in case the little boy was about to cry…let me take fry and give him a high five….so he won’t cry….and you are not sure what happened after the game…did the boy thank whomever for the game or will he forever remember that moment that Lebron mysteriously wanted all this attention???

    Come on….at that end of the day all that matters is who wins and loses. I am DIE HARD Laker fan but I give props to all players…regardless of the outcome of the game…

  • Kasmot

    Let me remind you, he is only 24 years old! And you’re talking about him being immature! LOL

  • http://www.hardwoodhoudini.com Bpaul

    He is only 24, but he needs to atleast act professional, considering he is one of the most looked at athletes in sports. He is not setting a good example for all the kids who want to be like him. Maturity is suppose to come with the job, there are players younger than him who don’t do the foolish things he does.

  • http://none randy

    No Bpaul, you’re the one who is not getting the point and is still in complete denial. Lebron gets more attention because guys like you keep on stalking him, looking for hate at every pile of rock, making a mountain out of a molehill, twisting and and distorting every facts just to gratify your senseless hatred. These things have been building-up you say? It’s because you are stockpiling even the most inane and trivial matters that there would inevitably be a building of hatred. You push that microphone to his mouth all the time, ask every stupid question in the world and he indulges you by giving an earnest answer then you cry in the wilderness that he talks too much and seeks so much attention. Try leaving the guy alone and we would not even be having this discussion.

    You know , you remind me of this stupid neighbor of mine who wouldn’t recognize a hero for saving a life just because he was once caught by police jaywalking in the city streets.

    I should be the one telling you to read your own article again and see how you contradict yourself. You say you alrady know how good Lebron is but insist that he is not focused enough that’s why his team is falling short. Say that again? In every every objective quantifiable measurements, Lebron has done more to his team than anybody in the league in the cumulative 7 years he has played. No player has been asked of more and no player has given as much. Now for people like you to take petty and trivia matters against him and even have the gull to cite them as a reason for a team failure – well I think that’s beyond stupid annd inane.
    That is like saying Larry Bird should have won 6 titles instead of 3 if he elected bedrest instead of lawnmowing as his form relaxation.

    And just how did you come out with that 10% anti-Bpaul and 90% pro-Bpaul stat? And you deemed this pro-Bpaul as having brains for agreeing with you? How dumb is that? No Bpaul,you are so Captain Obvious. You think that if you could not dazzle me with your self-proclaimed brilliance, you could baffle me with your bullshits.

    But hey, I am gonna give you props – so many people took the Lebron-bait and gave you the attention you wanted. I bet you’ve never had this many posts before. So who’s the real attention whore?

  • http://www.hardwoodhoudini.com Bpaul

    “Lebron gets more attention because guys like you keep on stalking him, looking for hate at every pile of rock, making a mountain out of a molehill, twisting and and distorting every facts just to gratify your senseless hatred.” – Did I ask him to talk about the dunk contest, Did I ask him to talk about going to the NFL? Did I ask him to do the river dance? Did I ask him to talk about retiring MJ’s number? The answer to all of these are no. This guy brings so much attention to himself by doing things not associated with playing the game of basketball. That is what pisses me off, if the could simply play the game I would have no reason to “hate” on him.

    “I should be the one telling you to read your own article again and see how you contradict yourself. You say you alrady know how good Lebron is but insist that he is not focused enough that’s why his team is falling short. ” – I do know how good Lebron is an indvidual, what I am yet to see is what he can do with a team. Supposedly this was the year he had players around him to win, that hasn’t been the case yet. I don’t think you can argue that one. Maybe if he put a little more focus on the team, rather than the individual, his TEAM would succeed.

    And just how did you come out with that 10% anti-Bpaul and 90% pro-Bpaul stat? – We actually have a thing called stats that we can check how many people read each article. And trust me you 120 people are by far the minority.

    “But hey, I am gonna give you props – so many people took the Lebron-bait and gave you the attention you wanted. I bet you’ve never had this many posts before. So who’s the real attention whore?” – I wrote this article to get my opinion of the attention whore out onto our blog. BDL linked to it, and yes it is the most comments we’ve ever had. Considering we are only a month into it I would consider it pretty damn good. I am thankful for Skeets posting the link because the 90% of people who clicked it now know about the site. But then there are the 10% of you people who didn’t agree with what I was saying, and think Lebron is the perfect citizen.

    By the way you must be one of those soft Celtics fans that just like to celebrate the winning tradition. Because any true Celtics fans don’t back up Lebron James’ foolish actions. And let me repeat, I’m not just referring to the fry thing.

  • http://www.bitterfans.com Eric

    cry cry cry, that’s all you haters do. He has cameras and media shoved up his ass 24/7 and everything he does that isnt him driving straight to the court, ignoring reports, and driving straight home, you guys bitch about.

    You act like he hasnt won championships because he doesnt do it on the court. This guy spends as much time working at his game as anyone in the NBA, but heaven forbid he has fun doing it. So he’s got a sense of humor, big deal. Get over your hatred for Lebron, because the botton line is if he wasnt good enough to back it up on the court, you wouldn’t even be bitching about him right now.

  • http://www.hardwoodhoudini.com bpaul

    All you Cavs fans just cry cry cry cry when someone says the truth about your beloved “Golden Boy”. I’d think being Cavs fans you would want Lebron to start focusing more on the game, but I guess your so use to losing it doesn’t matter. I guess you guess rejoice in the fact that Cleveland actually has a dominant sports figure, for once.

  • that guy

    really all you need to do is just shut up lebron is a multi million dollar man right now while you are some fag angry because he decided to have some fun during a game you took that way to serious for a guy who is not even in the NBA. You say it wasnt a big deal yet you still had to say something about it that just sounds like fag move

  • http://www.hardwoodhoudini.com bpaul

    What is this with all you crazy people comparing my athletic abilities to Lebron lol. Obviously I’m not in the NBA what does that have to do with me saying the guy is immature and needs to focus more on his team? It has nothing to do, some of you people are just low-lifes and have nothing better to do then make up foolish statements like that. And no the fry thing wasn’t a big deal, I was simply reporting what happened, but if you add up all the non-sense this guy has done it is a big deal and I voiced my opinion. If you don’t agree comment respectfully or don’t keep coming back.